Intelligent office • work more easily



Huanghuang office assistant is based on the cloud application service, enterprises don’t need to build complex systems, only installing bluetooth sensors in the doorway, opening accounts at the background can put it into use, enabling convenience and low cost.
Intelligent entrance guard: as long as the cell phone is in hand, shaking it can automatically open the door.
Intelligent attendance system: enterprise on attendance, KPI, project management and other data statistics is more convenient, administrative staff can be completely get rid of the traditional cumbersome attendance management.


After installing the wisdom door APP, employees going in and out of the company need only shake mobile phones, which can open the doors, they also can click to open the door with the key on the APP, within the effective distance remote open the door. During commuting time, the system will automatically record attendance time.

Background can make employees' attendance be carried out in accordance with the HR needs sorting,
saving statistical time,improving the work efficiency.


Basic Version
open the doorAttendance
swinging mobile phone or click on the button to open the door
sign in, leave, on a business trip, Individual account management and set up
Enhanced Version
All functions of basic versionEfficient office assistant
Announcements, Work progress tracking and control, Log and statistical work,
Working calendar and reminder, Employee KPI assessment, The project management
Customised Version
All functions of basic versionAny optional enhanced module
Enterprise custom functions:enterprise work together and processes, the enterprise knowledge base, enterprise community, CRM,business contacts, docking enterprise big data


It can collect data at a suit, in addition to the automatic door, automatic attendance, automatically EIP management, but also with the community, the hotel,etc docking, enjoy life wisdom.

Huanghuang intelligent entrance guard system is precariously Lansum International Corp patent technology. patent number is 2014107287712